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5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Vibrant




  1. Manage Stress Levels


It’s no secret that a healthy mind is vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant skin. But, that’s easier said than done, especially if you are a nurse. So, what can you do to unwind and relax after a long shift?


  • Try aromatherapy. Certain studies have found a connection between smelling a lemon and the decrease of stress hormones.


  • Practice forgiveness. According to one study, being forgiving could reduce the side effects of stress.


  • Meditation is one of the best ways to disconnect yourself from the world and find inner peace. If you don’t like meditation, you can try progressive muscle relaxation (PMR,) which is a technique that teaches you to focus on slowly tensing and releasing different muscles. One study found that PMR has the same stress-relief benefits as meditation.


  1. Always Choose Products Suited for Your Skin Type


As with anything in life, the effectiveness of a cosmetic product differs from person to person. While jojoba oil based products can do wonders for your co-worker’s skin, it might irritate yours. That’s why it’s important to use products that are suited for your complexion.


Don’t be afraid to try green products, such as facial oils or organic cosmetic butter. Algae-based products, argan oil, or natural pigments might be a novelty to us, but they’re ancient ingredients, tried and tested through millennia, and praised for their exceptional properties. However, you need to pay careful attention to your skin needs and choose cosmetics with ingredient products that are suited for your skin type.


It’s crucial to be able to see past the marketing messages and look for the best formulations for your skin-care concerns. That way, you can save money and protect your skin.


  1. Use Sunscreen


Don’t let cooler temperatures fool you. The sun’s rays are harmful throughout the entire year, even if you can’t feel it on your skin. Apply sunscreen every day, sunny or cloudy.


There are many things you can do to keep your skin healthy and vibrant all year-round. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the best choice for your skin.




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