5 ways to look right in white


4. Pressing Matters
For an extra crisp look, use a little starch on your whites—especially if you wear a white jacket or lab coat. Press creases into the legs of cotton scrubs bottoms to make them look more like casual slacks. Toss blended fabrics that you don’t want to iron in the dryer with a wet hand towel for 10 minutes to relax any wrinkles.

5. Skin Tones, Please
One of the most common complaints about white scrubs is that they are see-through—especially the pants. There are some thicker fabrics available for scrubs pants today, but underwear may still show through. Some people think that wearing white panties under white scrubs bottoms will fix that problem. In fact, beige (or whatever neutral color most closely matches your skin tone) is the least visible color under white.