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5 Ways To Pay Back Sleep Debt After Coming Off Night Shift!


3. Cut the Midnight Binging

Eating late at night is a real drag for your body. With food bringing comfort to a tired body that is forced to stay awake, you can easily find yourself indulging in various night snacking. Not only will food never be able to replace sleep – which is what you are craving for when reaching for that donut, but it only makes it ever worse. A human  body is simply not capable of  processing all those heavy foods at night.


So instead of turning to some comfort food to keep you warm during sleepless night shifts, try keeping a very clean diet, especially at night. Go for healthier snacks that are light and nutritive and skip the heavy carbs and fats. For some extra power, indulge with some freshly squeezed fruits and veggies juice that you can prepare before leaving for work.


4. Meditate

Working hard all night long does not mean you come home and fall asleep the second you lay down. The truth is being tired can make it real hard to go to bed. A great way to cut this strong discomfort is a good old meditation right before bed. Go for some relaxing music and simply try to empty your mind and focus on your breathing. You will fall asleep like a baby.


5. Pay Back Sleep Debt

Missing out on a regular night sleep means your body will be looking for ways to get back what its craving for. Give yourself this chance by creating space to pay back your sleep debts. Go for some short power naps whenever you have ten clean minutes.


Also, make sure you properly take advantage of your weekends and free days and make a commitment to let your body indulge with sleep.


Sleep is huge for you – do not let it pass you by. For some more great tips on how to handle a night shift you will enjoy reading this article before going to bed. Sleep tight!



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