50 Top Crazy Nursing Moments Revealed


It’s no secret that nursing is a field that is unpredictable and sometimes, difficult to prepare for! Nurses from across the globe chimed in recently and explained some of their craziest moments they have had while on their shifts, whether they were hysterical, shocking, or just plain weird. Here are the top 50 craziest stories about nurses and their patients:

  1. “Dementia pt convinced I was pregnant and she was MY nurse. I was just fat but rolled with it. It kept her happy to do my ‘exams’ with my stethoscope and on my ‘baby’ belly, and I let her take my BP with my cuff. She was a L&D nurse in her day.”
  2. “Patient asked if she should breathe while she had oxygen mask on!”
  3. “Patient got naked and started to swing his penis from side to side shouting, ‘I CAN’T DIAL THE PHONE WITH MY PENIS.’”
  4. “I had a pt in the ED that told me he was God’s son but not Jesus’s brother and proceeded to hold his hand out and told me he was going to bring me a bird from heaven to prove it.”
  5. “One patient on the psych ward unplugged the other pt’s CPAP; he thought it was a ventilator and he was trying to kill him.”
  6. “A cute one to share: Confused patient climbed out of bed. Heard the bed alarm and ran into the room to see the patient fussing with the sheets saying, ‘This bed just won’t go to sleep!’”
  7. “Postpartum patient that kept hiding her dishes from the hospital meals under her bedsheets, so she could take them home.”
  8. “Alzheimer’s pt. took apart an entire bathroom, toilet and sink, with a butter knife.”
  9. “Oxygen pt. told me she didn’t want the oxygen because she didn’t want to get addicted to it.”

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