6 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner (Infographic)

6 advantages of becoming a nurse practioner

Why would you not be interested in becoming a Nurse Practitioner? With opportunities to make real impacts in the lives of people around the country—with greater autonomy over your career, including the opportunity to run your very own health clinic in 16 states without a doctor—why would you not want to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner?

Beyond the benefits of working in a growing field and earning a competitive income, become a NP to educate your community, promote a holistic approach to medicine and contribute to the ever growing health care climate.

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One Response to 6 Advantages of Becoming a Nurse Practitioner (Infographic)

  1. kevinwatermanonline

    So silly, its not how much you make, its how much you keep 😀🤑 Also, over 90K will almost always put you in higher tax bracket when you are an employee working for someone else. Everything is looks cool