6 bathroom etiquette tips for the hospital


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You spend countless hours taking odd shifts every week, so you can assume that that nature will call at least once during your day (or night) shift. Besides your patients’ hospital rooms, the bathroom is where you might spend the most time during the workday.

You deal with a lot of unsanitary situations as a nurse. Why take that to the bathroom? The hospital bathroom should be a comfortable, approachable place. Make sure you are following these basic bathroom etiquette rules to keep the experience pleasant for all your fellow nurses.

Don’t Talk on Your Cell Phone

Nothing is more awkward than when you hear the toilet flush when you are on the phone with someone. Not only is this rude to other people in the bathroom — it’s also disrespectful to the person you are talking to. Your bodily functions are private, so please keep them that way.

Wash Your Hands … Every Time!

There should never be any excuse for not washing your hands after using the bathroom, especially if you’re a nurse. Sure, you may wear gloves when dealing with a patient, but sanitation is a basic law for your career. In addition, you don’t want to be spreading germs throughout the hospital. Since you share this space with your coworkers and patients, do everyone a favor and wash your hands.

The Urinal is Not Chat Time

It doesn’t matter how close you think you are to the person or how important the conversation is, you can wait until you are out of the bathroom to talk about it. Besides the fact that you are both exposed while at the urinal, most people aren’t comfortable having a conversation while urinating. Keep the hospital gossip confined to a medical supply closet, if you must.

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