6 bathroom etiquette tips for the hospital


Make Sure the Toilet Paper is Stocked

No one wants to be stuck on the toilet and realize there is no toilet paper. If you use the last of the toilet paper, it’s up to you to make sure it’s either replaced or that other bathroom users are aware of the lack of toilet paper. If you personally can’t replace the toilet paper, contact the janitor (or whoever is in charge of restocking) to alert them of the situation.

This is Not Your Personal Bathroom

There is no reason to do your grooming routine at work when you can do it at home. The hospital bathroom is never the place to shave or cut your toenails. And it goes without saying that you should not be bringing reading materials into the work bathroom for an extended stay, especially if stalls are scarce.

Keep it Clean and Fresh

Treat the bathroom as if it were your bathroom at home. Keep it clean and fresh for the others who use it. If you create an odor, be courteous enough to spray air freshener for the people who will be using it after you. If you splash water all over the sink, clean it up. If you drop toilet paper on the floor, pick it up.

Using a communal bathroom can be a difficult experience if people don’t know how to share properly. Keep these tips in mind when using your workplace bathroom and hopefully you will save your coworkers from bathroom-related anxiety.

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