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6 Hilarious Nursing Jokes


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With work being so hard on you sometimes, it is only natural that you might try to diffuse the tension and stress with some jokes. A strong sense of humor can also bring you much closer to your fellow nurse colleagues and create a “secret language” between you. Either way, jokes are a great way to lighten up when things get tight. And they do, so many times!

So, next time distress kicks in, be sure to kick right back at it with some funny nurse humor.


Don’t Forget to Flush That Toilet!


It’s hard to live with someone who simply can’t take seeing an un-flushed toilet without coming up to you with a complete analysis on your stool. How considerate, right? Your family members must be thrilled.

So the next time someone hits the toilet in a rush, let them know what the rules are. Don’t forget to flush that toilet, or a full report is on its way!


I Have Some Bad News…

A nurse has to deliver some bad news to a very difficult patient.

“I’m afraid I don’t have anything good to tell you. You suffer from a deadly disease. You don’t have much time left,” the nurse tells him.

“Oh, no! Why, my goodness! That is horrible. How long do I have?” asks the patient.

“Ten…” answers the nurse.

“Ten? Ten what? Weeks? Months?!” he asks desperately.



Meeting St. Peter


Three nurses died and went to heaven. In front of the gates they are greeted by St. Peter.

“Tell me what have you done during your life and why do you deserve to go to heaven!” St. Peter asks the first nurse.

“I worked a local hospital,” she replied. “I’ve been working all my life to heal and bring hope to others.”

“How noble of you,” answers St. Peter. “You may enter.” “What about you?” he asks the second nurse.

“I was worked at a hospital in Kenya. For many years we worked to bring healing and love to the tribes that were suffering”.

“How touching. You can enter as well.”  He then asks the third nurse “So, what did you do to deserve to be an angel?”

After a while, she says: “I worked at a health maintenance organization.”

St. Peter thinks for a second and then says “Okay, you can go in as well.”

“Whew!” cheers the nurse. “What a release! I was certain you wouldn’t let me go to heaven.”

“Oh, you can go in,” answers St. Peter, “but you can’t stay for more than three days…”

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