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Use These 6 Tips To Maximize Pharmacology Study Sessions


1. Take a look at the drug on a Pharmacology app like Medscape

Pharmacology apps are fantastic resources for healthcare workers so naturally you will find the most important information that you need to know as a nurse about the drug.  The apps are also great at condensing the information that is presented into your textbook, in order to quickly familiarize yourself with the must know facts about a certain drug.  I found that Medscape (which is completely free!) was most helpful in identifying adverse effects, contraindications, and drug interactions.

2. Review your class notes

More than likely in lecture your professor has stressed at least some characteristics of the drugs that they want you to know.  Pay special attention in class to the facts that your teacher emphasizes and be sure to document these in your notes so you know exactly what is worth committing to memory.

3. Skim your textbook

As usual, your textbook should be one of your last points of reference.  After reviewing the information on the app and your class notes, turn to your textbook to fill in any missing links.  You could also refer to your ATI pharmacology textbook or NCLEX prep book at this step.

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