6 ways to deck the hospital halls this holiday season


Polka Dot | Jupiterimages

Polka Dot | Jupiterimages

Now that December’s here, it’s time to deck the halls…the hospital halls, that is. After all, if you, your coworkers and your patients are going to be spending time inside the hospital during the holidays, you can at least make the atmosphere appropriately festive!

Are you stuck on decorating ideas for your unit this holiday season? Let me help with these six humorous ideas.


1. Those shiny tinsel ropes can be tastefully arranged into an EKG pattern. The degree of heart block or dropped P-waves depends on the number of thumbtacks you have available.

2. I have heard that gloves can be blown up, tied off and arranged into a tree shape. If this is too much work for you, consider stacking emesis basins into a cone shape.

3. Decorate your plastic puke-tray tree with staple removers and hemostats. Shiny!

4. Your average, boring holiday wreath can be spiced up with plastic models of whatever body part you like. Our unit’s wreath has tiny brains, spray-painted gold and silver. No, I’m not kidding. (Caution: This tip may not be suitable for a urology specialty.)

5. Cardboard cutouts of Rudolph and his friends can be made more topical with the application of itty-bitty casts or slings.

6. And, of course, disco balls—always appropriate, no matter the season, and available in smaller sizes from auto supply stores. You’d be amazed what a couple dozen will do for your nurses’ station.

How do you and your coworkers decorate your unit for the holidays?

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