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7 Best Inside Jokes of a Nurse


7 Best Inside Jokes of a Nurse
With the pressure that comes with nursing, it is only natural to develop a quirky sense of humor to help make it through the day. Jokes exchanged between nurses may seem inappropriate to others, and in some cases downright morbid. At the end of the day, all a nurse is trying to do is lighten the mood when the situation is too much for the normal person to bear.

The quips exchanged between nurses are personal and only understood and laughable to others who know exactly where they are coming from:

Friendships born between nurses is a whole different type of love. the “I’ll hold the butt cheeks while you clean the crack” kind of love.

When you work side by side with others in extreme situations doing extraordinary things, it is only natural to try and break the ice by making jokes that other people just won’t get. Being able to joke with your peers as you work your way through rounds helps in building a sense of trust and confidence. Nurses rely heavily on one another, and by forging friendships with your peers through laughter, you are making each shift more bearable.

Laughter is not the best medicine… Tylenol is!

A small joke about the demands of patients will only make a nurse who suffers that same pain smile. Only a nurse gets how one small pill can quiet the moans and help make for a slightly more peaceful shift.

All bleeding stops… eventually.

This may seem a bit morbid to the non-medical world, but it is a hard fact of life for nurses. In most cases, the bleeding does stop and the patient recovers but sometimes there is no remedy. With this subtle joke, a nurse is recognizing the fact that despite their best efforts, the fate of a patient is ultimately out of their hands.


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