7 jobs that make nursing look better

Image: Hemera | Thinkstock

Okay, let’s say that lately you’re exhausted with being a nurse. You’ve lost your mojo and making rounds has turned from a pleasure to a chore. Your paycheck just doesn’t seem worth the hours, heart and soul you put into it.

It’s called a job for a reason, but remember, it could always be worse — the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. In fact, it could be quite smelly and dangerous.

Remember all of those times you’ve said, “You couldn’t pay me to do that?” when confronted with a vomit-inducing task? Well, someone does do that for a living. So be thankful for your healthcare job. You could be working in one of these fields.

Crime Scene Cleaner

No, cleaning up blood and guts is not as glamorous as CSI may have you believe. This job is grisly. Besides sweeping up rotting body parts and other biological waste, cleaners may be called in to mop up hazardous fluids, dangerous chemicals and illegal drugs. If you’ve got an iron stomach and strong will, this job is all yours.

Body secretions galore –>

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