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Medical Assistant Micah

When an opportunity comes knocking at your door don’t wait around to second guess it or be afraid to step out on a limb, go for it! There have been so many times in my life where people, jobs, + opportunities have been placed in my path and I had no clue how they got there. Rather than questioning it or being afraid of taking a chance, I go for it. It’s about having confidence in your abilities. But it’s also about not being afraid to hear the word no. When applying for jobs while still a senior in college, I reached out to 11 places. I heard many “no’s” and even some didn’t even respond. I could’ve stopped after the first couple rejections, but I didn’t. All that mattered was the one yes! Now I have a job in a dermatology that I love. I’ve met so many wonderful people and learned so much. Bottom line is, take every chance you get in life because you never know if that opportunity will present itself again. Don’t be afraid to ask that doctor you randomly cross paths with for their card. Take a chance! I took a chance and I’m so happy I did. Happy Friday Everyone ?? Wearing @cherokeeuniforms luxe collection. A post shared by Micah Brown (@medicallymicah) on

Nurse Geremy

FIRST thing I do when I get here is scroll through, verify, and double check my orders #ThatsLaw ?✔️? A post shared by 2 STETHOSCOPES (@iv_que) on

Murse Mike

Med Student Victoria

Med Student Madalyn

Good things come to those who work hard for it. If I’m being honest, I was never much of a hard worker when it came to school. I always prioritized the rest of my life over my studies and when I started med school, all my old habits slapped me in the face ? But for some reason, I’ve found myself more invested in my studies than I’ve ever been, and oddly enough, I feel HAPPY doing it. I think a lot of that comes from finally learning about and working towards something that I genuinely care about. I’ve met so many people that are stuck in places they never thought they’d be in, doing things they never wanted to do, while their dreams are left to wilt away. I can’t imagine having that – an existence but not a life. It’s so important to chase after what your heart truly desires. For some, what we want is obvious as it has been for our whole lives. For others, it takes decades to finally pinpoint that which makes our soul dance. Whichever you are, keep searching for that light, and once you’ve found, fight to keep it alive. Keep pushing towards making your dreams a reality. The world has a funny way of rewarding the passionate that put in the work ?? _ Happy Easter weekend, my loves. Spend it with those that matter – those that lift you up and help you keep that fire alive A post shared by ? Med Student | ✨Wanderluster (@madalynnguyen) on

Nursing Student Patty

Med Student Megan

#medicalschool can be tough. In fact, I think my first semester was the most trying experience of my life, besides the time when I had to deal with the passing of my dad shy of my college graduation. The first semester of med school was such an adjustment for me. However, I can now look back and already see how I’ve matured and grown. For better or for worse ? When choosing a career in medicine, it is important to spend time with yourself before diving into such an extreme lifestyle. I personally don’t think balance exists in medical school, as you are loaded with a vast amount of information daily that you must then regurgitate a couple days later. For example, in order to keep up my GPA, I probably log about 10-12 hours of studying per day, including most weekends (I’m sort of on summer break rn ?…t-minus 3 weeks). Thus, I had to make many sacrifices that involved my social life, among other things, to sustain my academic goals. But one thing is for sure, I wouldn’t change a single thing about this process because I know this is exactly where I need to be and want to be. So find what it is that #motivates you to keep you on tract. Count your blessings, and really give thanks to the fact that you even have the opportunity to study. Bless those who must worry about far worse things than an exam on a Monday morning…it could always be worse ❤️ __________ LSS: Choose medicine if you have a true desire for it. Do not choose it for reasons that will not keep you satisfied in the end. Life is too short to waste. #osteopathicmedicine #medicine #premed #premedprobs #motivation #liveyourlife #anatomylab #ilovemedicine _________ Let me know what motivates you or why you choose medicine ? Would love to hear!! A post shared by prettypinkmedicine ??‍⚕️ (@prettypinkmedicine) on

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