7 Ways To Succeed As A Nurse Entrepreneur


You may be wondering what a nurse business looks like. Here are just 7 ways to be a nurse entrepreneur. There are hundreds more. The sky is the limit. If you can dream it, you can do it!7 ways to be a nurse entrepreneur

CE Provider

Become a CE provider in your state or nationally. Develop content and present classes. Become a NICHE EXPERT! Any one of you can do this.

  • Teach a Basic Arrhythmia course or provide 1:1 tutoring for a fee. Nurses who have trouble passing their Arrhythmia competency would gladly pay for 1:1 tutoring.
  • In some states, nursing assistants need CEs and nurses are the perfect ones to provide the CEs.
  • Become a 12 lead ECG expert and offer classes.
  • Become an AHA CPR, PALS or ACLS instructor and contract with hospitals to give classes.

Laura Gasparis got her start teaching non-healthcare CPR to companies whose employees needed to be trained. She progressed to teaching the all time best CCRN review course ever and is wildly successful. I met her at last year’s conference and LOVE her.

Renee Thompson will be at the conference and is a successful educational seminar presenter, author and national speaker. She’s very approachable and I’m sure you can pick her brain :).

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Free Lance Writer

A quick g

Many sites offer blogs and need a nurse writer. An example is, where I write a monthly blog. seeks out and pays nurse writers (the audience at is huge. Huge meaning close to 5 million readers a month). It’s hard not to become well-known when you write for Allnurses.

Read Elizabeth Hane’s story How to Get Started as a Nurse Writer and my story, How I Became a Nurse Writer.

Content Expert

Develop content such as curriculum and competencies in your area of expertise for companies such as HealthStream and Versant. It’s fun and creative contract work. This is perfect if you like to research evidence-based practice.

Nurse Inventors

Check out Nurse Born Products for handy inventions like a stethoscope holder made for nurses by a nurse.

A friend of mine who is a NICU nurse created a book for preemies that is currently in production called TERDLE (Therapeutic Emotional Resource Developing a Loving Environment)

It’s written by little preemie Tango but voice-recorded by Mom. “Today my doctor said I gained some weight. That means I can go home soon. I can’t wait to meet Max, our dog.”  When Mom is gone, the nurses put the book inside the isolette and play the story. This comforts both Mom and baby.

At NNBA 2016, there will be a Shark Tank competition for best products and services and business ideas of all kinds. Bring your idea!

Staffing Agency

Start a nursing registry and  provide nurses to local hospitals.

Nurse Bloggers

Start a blog. There are several successful blogs out there. Here’s How Starting a Blog Helped My Career

Check out Brittany Wilson at to see how a pro does it and the fabulous and genuine Kati Kleber, aka NurseEyeroll at her site Both Brittany and Kati will be in Las Vegas at the conference.

Educational Events

Here’s a great Laura Gasparis idea that she does regularly. Book a cruise with Carnival around graduation time. Offer an NCLEX review course.

CEUs are not necessary because new grads do not need CEUs. Round up a colleague or two or a clinical instructor from your local nursing program, and offer them a free cabin (they can bring their family) in return for teaching a couple of lectures. New grads are ready for a break and want to review. There is money to be made in this one!

Come to the conference and rub shoulders with other nurse entrepreneurs! You will be inspired and your creativity will get a boost. Here’s the all-star lineup:

Donna Cardillo Speaking for Fun & Profit 
Stella Nsong – The Hidden Fortune in Elder Care Business

Beth Hawkes Using Social Media to Build Your Business 
Brittney Wilson – Blogging to Build your Business
Pauline Sanders– Independent Case Management 
RNFMRadioKevin Ross, RN, BSN; Keith Carlson RN, BSN, NC-BC and Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA – The Power of Podcasting

It keeps getting better- my friends at Staff Garden are conference sponsors this year. Staff Garden helps you find your perfect job. For free- AND by registering here,  you are entered into a contest to win 2 tickets to the conference plus accommodations!  At Staff Garden you simply upload your portfolio and they keep it electronically for you. Some major hospitals, such as Hoag and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, are hiring exclusively through Staff Garden, so register and let them do the work ?


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