8 amazing skills nurses have

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Think nursing is just another profession? Think again. Nurses aren’t your everyday people — they are amazing individuals who have chosen a career dedicated to helping others. It isn’t just enough to want to help people; a true nurse has a pretty unique skill set. From being a multi-tasking queen (or king!) to playing mediator or holding a patient’s hand, nurses are all-around rock stars. Their talents aren’t limited to determining needle size and decoding medical jargon; they’ve got practical, applicable skills we could all benefit from.

Check out these eight amazing skills that nurses have honed to near-perfection. Jealous? You should be!


Forget the soccer mom. Nurses take the cake when it comes to multi-tasking. From juggling patient loads, overbearing doctors, nervous families, and navigating hospital bureaucracy, multi-tasking is a nurse’s superpower. A good nurse is a natural multi-tasker; a great nurse multi-tasks with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, making it look effortless.

Customer Service

Nursing is pretty different from retail, but they share some of the same qualities, like a huge focus on solid customer service. While nurses definitely don’t deal with irritated shoppers or angry clients, they do have plenty of experience handling annoying patients, stressed parents, worried relatives, busy doctors, and other members of the hospital staff. Nurses, unlike doctors, are always on the ground and know how the hospital is run like the back of their hand. Because much of their job deals with patients on a more personal level, nurses are the ones that are best at fielding questions, soothing tempers, and calming fears.

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