8 Instagram handles every nurse should follow

Instagram is a fun way to connect with friends, celebrities and family on social media. The photo-centered site and app is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones or follow the lives of people we admire. It can also be a way to network and get to know new people.
Like Twitter and Pinterest, Instagram is chock-full of awesome accounts that nurses can follow for a little humor, inspiration or knowledge. Check out eight accounts we love and get to following based on your own tastes and what you’d love to see in your feed!

@TheKatieDuke is the personal account of Katie Duke, NY Med star and Scrubs cover model. Duke’s account features motivational and funny pics to help her fellow nurses “deal with it”–her personal motto. We aren’t the only ones that love Katie’s instagram! She was also listed #4 at the Nursing Journal.

@NursingSchoolProblems features exactly what you’d expect: hilarious memes and photos featuring problems only a nursing student (or former nursing student!) could understand.

@NursingLOL is an extension of the Facebook page of the same name, featuring a roundup of funny memes and quotes from nurses.

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@NursesofInstagram features a collection of funny and inspirational posts from and for nurses all over the world.

@InstaNursing is run by a male nurse whose “mission is to help all people stay sharp and educated on nursing.”


@Self_Employed_Nurse is maintained by Erica, a nurse educator, entrepreneur and writer who shares her wisdom on her page!

@NursingSchool is another page that sympathizes with nursing students and their lack of sleep. There can never be enough!

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Nurses, are you on Instagram? Do you follow any of these accounts? Which users do you suggest other nurses check out?

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