8 true definitions for “RN”

Rockstar Nanny: This could be explained in various scenarios, but who wouldn’t want a nurse as their nanny? The parents would never have to worry about an emergency, would they? I’ve had parents of perfectly healthy children tell me that they would pay me more to babysit their children just because I’m a nurse. Also, in the hospital setting, when parents have to go back to work because of financial constraints, it’s the nurses that step in as the faux mom, or nanny, during the hospitalization.

Regrettably Naive: I know when I first started I wanted all of my patients to be cured, to return home healthy and in better shape than when they came to the hospital. How naive. I know after some patients have passed away, I have troubled myself for weeks over what we could have done different to save this patient’s life, even though it was just their time to go. How naive. Amidst the naivete, something that nurses can count as a sure thing is that they are impacting somebody’s life each time they go to work. That makes up for being naive.

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