8 true definitions for “RN”

Rebelliously Naughty: This I will chalk up to jest but when Halloween comes around every year, what is consistently the most popular “naughty” costume found in stores? Although the stigma stays, a stigma that also presides on television and in the media, I would hope to say that in the real world RNs stray from this stigma since we are all professionals.

Rescue Ninja: Because of our exposure to emergency situations in the hospital setting, nurses are expected to maintain a sense of cool, calm and collectedness whenever an emergency arises. In the hospital, at a restaurant, at the party, etc. Thank goodness there was a nurse there that day!

Whatever people may deem alternative acronyms to Registered Nurse, I know it encompasses a working group of talented, empathetic, nurturing, important professionals that make a difference in people’s lives. For those of you who are a nurse, strive to be the best that you can be. For those of you who have experienced a nurse, lucky you.

Got any ‘true meanings’ for CNAs? LPN/LVNs? How about NPs?

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