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81% of people lie in job interviews…have you?

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Whether it’s on your resume or in the interview itself, statistically speaking, you’ve likely fibbed a bit in some job interview in the past. While some lies won’t matter much in the long run, others can be extremely dangerous…especially in senior care.

Have you used a gait belt before? If you say you have when you have not (or if you don’t even know what a gait belt is!), then you could be putting both yourself and the senior in danger if you are trying to wing it when using one for the first time. Same thing with assisting with toileting, bathing and feeding.

Have you had training in dealing with seniors who have memory loss? Senior caregivers who have not had memory loss senior care training will not know some of the simple strategies to use to keep the day going smoothly and to respond correctly to the senior.

Finding the right caregivers for senior care takes talent and experience. This is why senior home care agencies are vital as providers of senior care and this is also why senior care is nothing at all like babysitting. Proper training for senior caregiving is required in order for the caregiving to be both safe and effective to assist in healthy aging.


Those of us who hire people regularly already know that people lie a bit in job interviews. But we have systems in place to flesh out the facts.

Senior caregiving agencies also have systems in place to properly qualify a caregiver’s skill level and then provide training which the caregiver is tested on for retention. Care Managers also introduce and train each caregiver for their new client assignments and provide ongoing management.


The system used by licensed senior home care agencies–which includes an interview, a follow-up interview, reference checks, training and then a quiz to confirm the training was absorbed–is vital. Brent Weiss and Robert S. Feldman of the University of Massachusetts are profiled in the Harvard Business Review, explaining their study which found that 81% of people lied about themselves in a job interview. When the job requirement is more technical, deception increased. Participants in the study told an average of 2.19 lies per 15-minute interview.

Seniors deserve quality caregivers who can show they have been trained and can perform the necessary skills. As more and more states pass new legislation, the quality of care will only improve. Caregivers should all have basic caregiver training which can be obtained online, meeting industry standards.

Caregivers may learn more about developing the right caregiver interview skills in Caregiverlist’s Career Center. is the nation’s online destination dedicated to connecting seniors with quality senior care choices. helps seniors and their loved ones define care needs, understand the many caregiving options and costs and connect to senior home care agencies that meet’s checklist of quality standards. is also a leading caregiving career and recruitment resource. Visit

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