9 more ways you know you’re in for a crazy shift

Thinkstock | DigitalVision
Thinkstock | DigitalVision

How do you know you’re in for a “holy moly” shift? These are just some of the signs to be on the lookout for!

You know you’re in for a crazy shift when…

1. There are multiple linen bags, all full, outside every room on the floor.

2. The supply folks have had to fall back on their ancient, third-line isolation carts to fill demand.

3. More than two pumps are beeping on any hallway at any given time.

4. A full box of donuts is on the break room table…at the end of the shift.

5. There’s something unidentifiable smeared all the way down the hall floor. And wall. And light fixtures.

6. The crash cart is not in its usual place.

7. There are no more wrist restraints left in the supply room.

8. Nothing is stirring at the nurses’ station, not even a mouse. Everybody is off somewhere else.

9. You hear hysterical laughter coming from behind a locked door.

What would you add to the list?

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