9 work perks nurses wish they had


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When you were hired, you likely were given a long list of benefits, possibly including (but not limited to) paid vacation, sick time, a 401(k), life insurance, health insurance, and on and on. Those are great, but after we heard that Netflix now offers employees unlimited maternity leave and this company sends its employees on paid vacations around the world, we thought it was time for the healthcare industry to consider upping the ante on employee benefits that nurses receive.

Are we in agreement? Yes? Fantastic. Let’s proceed.

We turned to the Scrubs Mag and Men in Nursing Facebook pages to get the lowdown on what perks would impress, and this is what you had to say:

“100% more vacation time that actually gets ‘approved’ when you want to take it.” —Jess S.

“Tuition reimbursement.” —Brian F.

“A place to bring our dogs while at work…best stress busters ever!” —Darrell C.

“Guaranteed lunch/bathroom breaks.” —Dayna S.

“All nurses should have a pension just like police and firemen. Some do if they work in places that have unions, but there are a lot who don’t. It seems unfair to me that people spend their careers taking care of the sick and elderly and get so little in return.” —Barbara D.

“Free medical.” —RJ B.

“Ativan atomizer for the waiting room.” —Elmo M.

“Matching 401(k) contributions.” —Scott H.

“An on-site massage therapist, a gym with steam room, pistol range in the basement. All great stress reducers.” —Bruce B.

What other benefits could employers give employees that would make for a happier staff?

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