Sepsis Awareness Month

Why Sepsis Awareness Month Matters: Nurse-Driven Change

Author: Nicole Kupchik, MN, RN, CCNS, CCRN-K, PCCN-CMC   There are a LOT of health awareness days out there. September is focused on raising awareness on sepsis, a life-threatening health issue. There are four ways you can contribute to increasing […]

From a Fertility Nurse: What She Wants Patients to Know

From a Fertility Nurse: What She Wants Patients to Know

Fertility nurses, no matter how many years they’ve been working in reproductive endocrinology (RE), often get asked many questions by patients who have any number of misconceptions and misunderstandings about infertility. Part of the job of every fertility nurse is […]

Why Nurses Are Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry

Why Nurses Are Breaking Into The Cannabis Industry

Looking to Leave Nursing Behind? Run Your Own Cannabis Store Nursing is a tough job that can leave some healthcare workers feeling worn out after years of devoting their lives to the wellbeing of others. If you’re like many nurses […]

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Cherokee Uniforms Celebrates 90 Years of Mickey Mouse

This year is the 90th anniversary of the first Mickey Mouse animated short ever to be shown in theaters: Steamboat Willie. The date of the world-changing premiere was November 18, 1928, which has since been generally deemed as the birthday […]

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New DAISY Foundation Video: The Many Voices of Compassionate Care

For nearly 20 years The DAISY Foundation has recognized and celebrated the highest levels of compassionate care demonstrated in health care facilities all over the world.   Healthcare professionals offer and witness extraordinary patient care every hour, every shift, every day, […]


5 Ways to Become a Social Media Superstar

Looking to Boost Your Social Media Campaign? #SMSsummit Is Here to Help! Social media has become the lifeblood of the economy these days. In fact, 88% of all businesses are using social media to attract new customers and generate revenue. […]


‘Forget About the Stigma’: Male Nurses Explain Why Nursing Is a Job of the Future for Men

“I’m sort of an adrenaline junkie, but it’s also the satisfaction of being able to help people, like when you have someone come in who’s overdosed and you treat them and see them turn around just like that.” J.R. McLain, […]

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How this Nurse Lost $4 Million and Got Right Back Up Again

When I met Vee the NP (Veronica Southerland), I could feel the confidence oozing down the phone. I want to add that there wasn’t a shred of ego, but rather an air of graciousness and gratitude that comes with an entrepreneur of […]