A commuting meditation

image: © istockphoto.com/Dave Herriman

Breath Prayer

Breathing in: Guide me…
Breathing out: …Guard me

Reflection While Driving to Work in the Morning

Notice the protection your car offers you
as you fasten your seat belt.
Appreciate the concern and care of those who designed and built the car you drive.
Choose a personal intention as you join other commuters on the road.
Maybe today you will be generous in yielding the right of way.
Maybe today you will consciously drive with kindness.
Notice the sound of the engine humming with strength and purpose.
Become aware of your breath powering the engine
of your internal organs.
Feel gratitude for the quickness of your reflexes,
the sharpness of your vision.
Let yourself feel protected by a power greater than you,
guiding you to make good choices and decisions as you drive today.
Imagine that there are angels driving in the cars around you
Protecting you and accompanying you on your way.
As you arrive at your destination, say thank you for a safe journey.

From the Bible

By roads you did not know
I will make you travel
Down highways unknown
I will protect you without fail
Isaiah 42:16

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