A day in the life of a hungry nurse

Being a busy nurse means you often feel depleted…and hungry. Do any of these scenes feel familiar?

You find yourself mentioning food in all of your conversations.


You think about your hunger and get a little irritable…okay, VERY irritable.


You hear about free food in the break room, and, well…


Then, your hunger gets the best of you and you take more than your fair share.


You see an opportunity to eat and you go for it. (It’s okay. We won’t tell!)


You find a small snack in your pocket and try to make it last…and last…


You drink tons of water in the hope that it will fix your hunger problem.


It doesn’t.


You get a little emotional after hearing the rhythmic sounds of your empty stomach.


You sit down to eat, but no matter how starved you are, you put the needs of you patients first. Always.

Because you may be hungry, but you’re a hungry nurse.

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2 Responses to A day in the life of a hungry nurse

  1. night nurse 59

    Your lunch consists of graham crackers and applesauce from the med cart while working through your meal break.

    • Skeeter1

      Haha, that’s true ! and has been done a thousand times. :)