A Day in the Life of a Night-Shift Nurse’s Spouse/Roommate

Kati Kleber (aka Nurse Eye Roll) knows what it’s like to live among night-shift nurses. In fact, she’s broken a typical day down into fragments that are so accurate, it’s kind of terrifying: 

0830: Your nursey spouse/roommate gets home after their shift.


0832: While you’re trying to eat breakfast, they start telling you about their shift.


0835: They’re fighting to stay awake when you start talking.


0837: Um, yeah. They’re done.


1200: You come home for lunch ever so quietly.


1210: Mid-lunch break, your neighbor starts to mow his lawn and your nurse wakes up.


1212: Now they’re starving and eat the first 12 things they see.


1217: Back to bed!


1700: You get home from work and they’re just waking up, about to make their breakfast/dinner half asleep.


1730: You just got out of your work clothes and they’re headed to work.


0221: They send you 50 text messages about something crazy that just happened at work.


To read more, visit NurseEyeRoll.com.

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