A going to sleep meditation

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Breathing in: Guide me…
Breathing out: …Guard me


Reflection to Encourage a Peaceful Rest

Light a candle by your bedside.
Cup your hands around the flames
and feel the warmth reach into your palms and fingers.
Imagine the heat spreading over your entire being.
Feel yourself embraced in light and warmth.
Invite deep, calming breaths to flow through your body.
Become aware of a moment of peace and comfort.
Feel yourself separating from the demons of the everyday world.
Welcome the flame of your candle as an angel of protection.
Invite feelings of safety and comfort.
Close your eyes for a moment and invite the light of the candle to
penetrate deep into your soul with calm reassurance.
Imagine angels of goodness and strength watching over you.
Ask for help from the Source of all
for release from the day’s stress, for peace
for the gift of deep rest.

From the Bible

You shelter me under your wings
I shall not fear
The shadows of the night
—Psalm 91

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