A good nurse…

Image: Corbis Photography | Veer

My friend’s friend just had a baby. Apparently the baby had some trouble coming out and the doctor wanted to use those suction cup thingies (what is their official name oh esteemed L&D nurses?) and the patient didn’t really want a cone-shaped head baby. The nurse told the doc they should wait a little while, she thought the patient could deliver without those. And sure enough, an hour later, my friend’s friend pushed out a healthy, normal head shaped 8 pound 6 ounce baby boy. She remarked to our mutual friend later “I didn’t know how much influence the nurses had over the doctors.”

Amen sister.

I think the public really doesn’t know that much about nurses until they need a nurse or have some sort of nurse related ancillary experience. A good nurse will advocate for his or her patients. A good nurse knows the limits of the human spirit, pain threshold, and physical parameters and will advocate accordingly. A good nurse knows that nursing is a respected and trusted profession and does not act in such a way as to undermine that trust and profession. A good nurse knows tha

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