A heartbreak meditation

meditation hands holding
Breath Prayer

Breathing in: Guide me…
Breathing out: …Guard me

Reflection When a Patient Dies

Linger for a moment at the empty bed,
the room now suddenly strange.
Say goodbye, wish rest and peace
to departing spirit and soul.
Acknowledge that death is always personal.
Open your heart to your own personal losses,
allow their memories to wash over you.
Now is the time to be gentle with yourself.
Close your eyes, cry, sit quietly.
Let awareness flow through you,
comfort awaits you. Let it come.
Lean into a sense of Infinite comfort.
Welcome the shared companionship of those around you.
Your sense of loss does not isolate you.
Share the miracle of being human
Feel the embrace of the community of all
those who have suffered and lost.
Offer a shared sigh, feel the rhythm of release.

From the Bible

Holy One,
You care for me, I am content.
You lead me to still waters,
places of rest and renewal.
You guide me down the right path
to live a good life.
When I walk through a valley of deepest darkness
I fear no harm,
for you are with me.
Signs of your nearness
offer me support and comfort.
When faced with fear,
your love flows over me
and sustains me.
As I journey on, loving kindness finds me
each day of my life,
I come home to you.
—Psalm 23

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