“A male nurse? So…what should I call you?”


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Just like any other profession, nurses have their pain points. Unfortunately, many of you men out there bear a special burden when you don your scrubs and assume the role of “male nurses”—as opposed to simply “nurses.”

Then come the misguided or confused remarks, both in and out of the hospital, from those who still fancy nursing to be “a woman’s craft.” And no doubt, these comments can sting. But most of the time, they’re downright ridiculous and you simply have to laugh them off. Especially when they’re coming from the guy who needs stitches because he walked into a pole.

So, to help make light of an exasperating situation, we asked you to share with us one or two moments when your patient failed to put two and two together: a nurse and a man?! All at once? No….

Your fellow nurses posted some pretty absurd scenarios on our Facebook page, so we thought we’d include a few of our favorites here:

“‘Do you know (insert man’s name)? He’s also a nurse.’ Like we’re a fraternity.” —Adam L. 

“It’s not too late to go to med school.” —Richard C.


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