The Nurseonality Golden Ticket Could be Yours


A movement is happening. Nurses are no longer the traditional Florence Nightingale. They are mothers, fathers, educators and surprisingly social media superstars. Not many other industries are spawning such a collective as the Medical field and it shows no signs of slowing down.
Nursing Stars like Katie Duke, Nurse Mendoza and Lauren Drain have amassed millions of followers. Their audience loves their real, candid and sometimes humorous point of view.

Enter, Nurseonality. A new breed of Nurse that leads the way in Lifestyle, Education and Fashion. The Brand Nurseonality was created to reflect the modern day nurse. To empower other fellow medical professionals and showcase rising talent in our field. Over the past week, Nurseonality has been sending Golden Tickets to unknowing Nurses that empower and make a difference. And the Social buzz has been electric.


We caught up with Debbie Singer, ( the representative and social director for the brand.

Debbie, great to sit down with you, tell us – how did Nurseonality come about?

Hey guys, great to be here. Nurses not only have a huge impact on our community, but there’s also a massive community between Nurses. We have the power to lift each other up, to create positivity, but also to connect. Not just on nursing, but lifestyle, fashion and even fitness! Nurses have become superstars in their own right, creating their own brands and getting their message out to the masses. Nurseonality was created to celebrate all of that. To celebrate the new Dawn of Nurses.

The messages you have adorning the apparel is fun and humorous, where did your team come up with it?

Thanks! Well, from what I mentioned, Nurses don’t want to talk about c-diff all day long! Nor do they always want to be diagnosing everyone in the grocery line. They love coffee, they love shopping, they love working out. We wanted the brand to identify with what Nurses think of outside of the Hospital.

You’ve been sending special Golden Tickets to various Nurses and Personalities, how are you choosing them?

2017 was a big year for Nurses on social media, and we’ve been carefully watching those who are making a difference in our world socially. The Nurseonality boxes are a thank you and a bit of a ‘Hey Nurse, you kick ass and we love it’.

We love the T-Shirts here at the office, but when will we see them in stores?

Right now the brand is being sent to the Nurseonality movement, but keep an eye out, we’ll be launching our website very soon and Scrubs Magazine will be the first to know about it.

The Nurseonality brand has offered Scrubs readers one Golden Ticket to giveaway. That Golden Ticket will land you a Nurseonality box with all the goodies inside and a feature on their instagram page.

All you have to do is FOLLOW Nurseonality on Instagram and Facebook, and we’ll choose a winner by January 15th.



Check out more of the movement below




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