A nurse in search of a doctor to marry

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I actually read a post a while back from some nurse who wanted to know “the best place to work so that I can find a doctor to marry.” Seriously?

Those of us who have worked with doctors wonder WHY? After all, doctors are “on call” and, especially when in residency, often see more of the hospital than their own apartments. Women are always around and temptation is everywhere. A single male MD, for whatever reason, is a prime target in any town.

And nothing is worse than seeing someone go after a doctor who is already married. If he will leave his wife for YOU, the day may very well come when you find yourself on the other side of the fence, being traded in for a “newer” model.

The societal prestige held by MDs is widely perpetuated by the medical associations and local communities. A doctor can build a fine home in the “right” neighborhood and belong to the local country club the minute he sets up shop, especially in the Deep South. Naturally, his wife is accorded the same considerations. What woman wouldn’t want a piece of THAT?

Unfortunately, these girls are easy to spot. Eternally “stalking” their doctor target, always with makeup and hairdo “just so,” and flirting shamelessly. She most likely will stop working as soon as possible after the wedding, or will work part time in his office. And the poor “mark” never seems to know what hit him!

I have painted a very ugly picture of behavior stemming from a comment that I, frankly, could not believe I was reading.

In my opinion, the whole purpose of going to college is to prepare oneself for a CAREER, and not simply a means by which to marry well. For such a person to take up a nursing school space which might have gone to someone who really DID want to make it his/her life’s work is wasteful at best.

My daughter calls it “seeking an MRS degree.”

This article is by no means intended to convey that all doctors’ wives do these things, but it is a bit of an “expose” on the ones who DO.

What are your thoughts on this, working nurses?

A woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself (Susan B. Anthony).

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