A nurse’s OMG moment

Galina Barskaya | Veer Galina Barskaya | Veer

Triage is one of the funniest places to work–people tell you things that are usually reserved for therapists and intimate partners.

My friend used to work in an ED in the South and encountered a woman who wrote on her triage intake sheet: “I got sprouts coming out of my juju bean.”

Apparently she wasn’t embarrassed about the sprout part, but couldn’t bring the proper southern belle in her to call her “juju bean” its proper name—vagina.

This woman suffered from a common malady of a prolapsed uterus and had placed a potato in her vaginal canal as a sort of organic pessary. In such a dark and moist place, the potato did what it was meant to do and “sprouted.”

I applaud her not only for being creative but also for being super green. Environmentalists unite!

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