A nurse’s version of a no good, very bad day

You set your alarm clock for 5pm (you meant to set it for 5am). Your roommate is considering waking you, but the last time she did that, you were a little bit sassy.

So she spends 45 minutes trying to decide if waking you up is a good idea or certain death. It’s almost 6am by the time she has worked up the courage to do this…


Needless to say, you’re running late. But first…coffee.


You dash into Starbucks, clearly in a hurry. The woman in front of you orders an elaborate beverage. FOR EACH ONE OF HER 12 COWORKERS.


You arrive at the hospital only to find that your work BFF is out sick. In her place is the nurse who hates people, her job and possibly even puppies. Reality sets in:


After a quick tantrum in the restroom, you’re finally ready to see your first patient.

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