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I saw Scrubs’ last round of the “Would you rather?” game and had to submit my own version. My sister and I used to play something very much like this on long car trips: “Would you rather be bitten to death by a rabid kangaroo or stomped on by a rhino?”

Here are my thought-provoking, totally taken from the real world of nursing questions…

1. Would you rather push McSteamy (Grey’s Anatomy) or that whiner Wilson (House) off the roof of Chicago Hope?

2. Would you rather try to set up a net bed made of Silly String or Buck’s traction for an octopus?

3. Which would you rather have: C. Diff and a broken leg, or Stevens-Johnson syndrome?

4. Would you rather eat the brown stuff with gravy or the red stuff with cheese out of the hospital cafeteria?

5. Which is worse: Thinking you’ve gotten everything done at the end of your shift, only to remember something vital on the way home, or leaving loose ends for the next shift?

6. Would you rather deal with helicopter family members or drama queen patients?

7. Would you rather deal with grouchy doctors or grouchy housekeeping staff?

8. Would you rather not get boxes of chocolate from thankful patients, or get only the ones with the cordial cherries?

Psst! Want more nursing “Would you rathers?” Play here!

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