A shower meditation for nurses

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Breath Prayer

Breathing in: Guide me…
Breathing out: …Guard me


Reflection While Taking a  Shower

Allow the force of the water to massage your scalp.
Enjoy being naked, dressed in clouds of steam.
Breathe in the warm, moist air.
Close your eyes and see yourself in a rainforest.
Lush green leaves and plants caress and embrace your body.
You feel reborn in purity as you stand under a waterfall.
All your cells feel energized and strong
as the water cascades down your back.
Let yourself relax into these moments of cleansing renewal.
Open your hands, palms upward, and ask
for clarity and courage to face the day.
Trust the strength of your body,
newly refreshed and ready to carry you through the day.
As water is a source of life, so may you be a source of healing today.

From the Bible

Yes, streams came out of the rock,
and caused waters to flow down,
like rivers.
Psalm 78

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