A sneak peek into Scrub Style with Nurse Mo

It’s no secret that we here at ScrubsMag love our Nurseonalities. Brimming with stories, positivity, advice and, of course, sheer personality, our Nurseonalities help keep ScrubsMag original, authentic and very much in tune with all things nursey.
With that said, we’d like to introduce you to Mo Doughty, our newest Nurseonality! Mo is a bicoastal, critical care traveling RN. She’s also the creator of the Resilient Nurse blog, which focuses on fashion, motivation and work life balance tips for the current and aspiring medical professional. We are thrilled to welcome Mo to the Scrubs family, where she’ll be sharing scrubs style tricks and wellness tips that nurses need to know.

Each day, you strive to help your patients feel comfortable and confident in your care. And while fully functional work gear is key to doing just that, a great pair of scrubs will help you feel comfortable and confident round-the-clock, too.

Want a work look that suits you, and not just your needs? Whether you’re looking for a print that pops or a cut that complements your curves, there’s no need to settle for scrubs that aren’t a reflection of your own personal style.

Below, the ever style-savvy Nurse Mo demonstrates how and why the fashion-forward nurse has got options—and lots of them.

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