About the Anywear LX Shoe

California Casualty has partnered with Scrubsmag.com to offer a free pair of $48 Anywear LX shoes to nurses who get an online insurance quote (no need to even pick up the phone)!

We’ve been hearing from nurses who want to know more about the shoe itself, so we thought we’d take some pictures for a closeup look!

Here is the shoe:

*strap is separate and is not included in the free offer…

The Massage Bump outsole cushions and massages the foot with every stride.

This is the outsole with the massage bump

Molded instep air flow channels provide additional ventilation to the foot, especially to the fore front enclosed area.

This is the instep

A premium removable insole with moisture wicking sock lining is coupled with molded underside airflow channels and raised platform to increase movement of cooling air throughout the shoe.

Here’s the sock lining

“I am so loving my nurse shoes! Whoa, so comfy! I even wear them all over the house!”

– P. Hyun, Silver Lake, CA