An illustrated guide to a nurse’s day off



7. Wear something without an elastic waistband: If you’re okay with always wearing stretchy pants, you’re okay with getting fat. Jeans (or whatever the hell she’s wearing in the video below) = friendly reminder/reality check.


8. Do something not hospital/health-related: Do anything. Just don’t go for walk…you already walked three miles at work yesterday. A leisurely sit, perhaps?

Never underestimate the power of a good sit.

9. Work out: Remember that cake they brought in for someone’s last day? Or the carry-in yesterday where everyone brought in all that delicious food that you ate way too fast during the three-minute break you got after not eating for eight hours? Yeah, go work that off. And build up your muscles so you won’t get as tired when you have to lift 400-pound patients literally every time you walk into the room, for 12 hours.

A solid workout partner:

10. W(h)ine: Have a delicious glass of red wine and complain for just five minutes. Time yourself. Don’t go overboard because then you think about it way too much. It’s just enough time to get it out of your system, but not enough to take over your life/thoughts for the night. That’s all you get. Besides, people tune you out after that long anyway.


11. Go to bed early: Because you’re probably back at work early tomorrow morning again, right?

Good night!

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