Anatomy terminology quiz

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Sure, you can explain the basics of just about any disease process. And you know the human body better than most people.

But do you remember the “real names” of all the internal body parts? Double check your knowledge with our anatomy terminlogy quiz.

 1.   The area of the body between the diaphragm and pelvis is:

2.   The bony projection of the scapula is called the:

3.   What is one of the two secretory organs that lie atop the kidneys?

 4.   A small saclike dilation of the terminal bronchioles in the lung is called the:

 5.   Which term means front or ventral?

6.   A foreign substance that causes antibody formation when introduced into the body is called an:

7.   The main trunk of the systemic arterial circulation, originating from the left ventricle and eventually branching into two common iliac arteries is the:

8.   The pigmented ring around the nipple is the:

 9.   A joint or articulation is called:

10. The extension of a nerve cell that conveys impulses away from the cell body is:

 11. A small branch of the bronchus is:

12. What term means pertaining to the cheek?

 13. The portion of the brain situated in the posterior cranial fossa, behind the brain stem is:

14.       Small, hair-like projections on the outer surfaces of some cells are called

15.       What term means pertaining to the wrist?

16. What is the pouch located at the proximal end of the large intestine?

17.       The spiral tube that makes up a portion of the inner ear is called:

18. The rounded projection at the end of the bone is called a:

19. What term means pertaining to the heart or its arteries?

20. What term means pertaining to the ribs?

21. What term means pertaining to the skin?

22. What is the skin layer beneath the epidermis?

23. What is the shaft of a long bone called?

24. What is the part of the brain located between the cerebral hemisphere and the midbrain?

25. What is the term for a passage or canal?

26. What is the outermost layer of the meninges?

27. What is the interior lining of the heart called?

28. What is the outermost layer of the skin, the one lacking vessels?

29.       What is the term for the ends of a long bone?

30. What is the muscular canal that transports nutrients from the pharynx to the stomach?

31. What is one of two ducts extending from the uterus to the ovary?

32.       Which of the following means a small opening?

33. What is the base of a hollow organ, the part farthest from the organ’s outlet, called?

 34. What is a cluster of nerve cell bodies found outside the central nervous system called?

35. The capillaries of the kidney are known as:

36. The protein found in red blood cells that contains iron and transports oxygen is:

37. The structure in the diencephalon that secretes vasopressin and oxytocin is:

38. What is that part of the small intestine that connects proximally with the duodenum and distally with the ileum?

39. What term means pertaining to tears?

40. What is the large gland in the right upper abdomen that is divided into four lobes?

41. What is the small oval structure that filters lymph, fights infection and aids hematopoiesis?

42. What are the projections at the distal ends of the tiba and fibula?

43. What is the upper part of the sternum called?

44.       What are the bones of the hand located between the wrist and the fingers?

45. The thick, contractile layer of muscle cells that forms the heart wall is called:

46. The structural and functional unit of the kidney is:

47. The term that means back of the head is:

48. The term that refers to the roof of the mouth is:

49. The term meaning located near the ear is:

50. The term pertaining to the chest or breast is:

51. One of the tapering bones that makes up the fingers and toes is:

52. The innermost covering of the brain and spinal cord is:

53. What is the colorless, watery fluid portion of lymph and blood?

54. What is the thin serous membrane that encloses the lung?

55. What portion of the brain lies between the medulla and the mesencephalon?

56. What is the wedged-shaped bone at the base of the skull?

57. What is the long, flat bone that forms the middle portion of the thorax?

58. What is the point of contact between adjacent neurons?

59. What is the term for your instep?

60. What is the nearly cylindrical tube in the neck, extending from the larynx to the bronchi, that serves as a passageway for air?

61. The acetabulum is the hip joint socket into which the head of the femur fits.

 62. The efferent neuron is a nerve cell that conveys impulses from the periphery to the central nervous system.

63. An antigen is immunoglobulin produced by the body in response to exposure to a specific foreign substance.

64. The auricle is the vessel that carries blood away from the heart.

65. Carpal means pertaining to the cheek.

66. The portion of the brain situated in the posterior cranial fossa, behind the brain stem, and coordinates voluntary and muscular activity is the cerebrum.

67. Cortex means pertaining to the ribs.

68. Condyle is the shaft of a long bone.

69. A duct is the outpouching from a tubular organ such as the intestine.

70. Exocrine gland secrete into the blood or lymph rather than into a duct.

71. A foramen is an incompletely ossified area of a neonate’s skull.

72. Hemoglobin is protein found in white blood cells that contains iron and transports oxygen.

73. The intestine is the portion of the GI tact that extends from the stomach to the anus.

74. The malleolus is the tiny hammer-shaped bone in the middle ear.

75. The myocardium is the middle portion of the thorax between the pleural sacs that contain the lungs.

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31 Responses to Anatomy terminology quiz

  1. Hi Scrubs Magazine,
    Thank you for your brilliant, entertaining articles.
    I just finished this quiz, and was surprised by how much I had forgotten.
    This is definitely going on Twitter!

  2. Hi Scrubs Magazine,
    Thank you for your brilliant, entertaining articles!
    I just finished this quiz, and was surprised by how much I had forgotten.
    This is definitely going on Twitter!

  3. shira

    thank you for the quiz. but it’s neverending. i’m already on question number 50 and it’s still asking more questions.

  4. corinna laub

    Thanks for the quizzes. I’m currently taken courses for LPN -> RN program and these are very helpful. I got 80% without studying. . not to bad considering . Thanks again. :)

  5. I love these quizzes. I have been a nurse for 40 years and no longer work in the hospital. It is good practice since I am not exposed to a lot of these things but I am still involved in nursing.

  6. Patti Randolph

    Very good quiz! I am a practicing LPN of less than one year and am surprised at how much I remembered. Made 80%, much better than expected. Keep the quizzes coming! Thanks.

  7. wow this was a great review 84%…

  8. Rakhel

    out of school 10 years and 90% awesome!

  9. Lori

    I got 76%, not bad for a social worker!

  10. Kelly M

    92%! it helped that the answers were in alphabetical order….

  11. Nancy

    RN for 36 yrs, retired for 2 1/2 yrs, pleased to have made an 84%! Thanks for the quiz

  12. Nancy

    RN for 36 yrs, retired for 2 1/2 yrs, pleased to have made an 84%! Thanks for the quiz!


    i got 93.33% in a snapshot

  14. Katie

    Good quiz. I just couldn’t believe how long it was. I like it when you put them up in a series or at least say how long the quiz is in the description. I found the quiz very interesting though. Good job.

  15. Andriea

    Nice quiz! Made me feel like i remembered stuff!! 93%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ruchoma

    just finishing my first semester of A&P and i actually got a 92%. I’m a cna and I’m taking this as a prerequisite for a nursing program. very helpful

  17. Beth

    Fun quiz. Graduated in May, 2009. Made an 88! I guess my memory is a little better than I give myself credit for!!!

  18. Toni

    Love these quizzes! More and more, please!

  19. Nikki

    91% not bad, keep em coming.

  20. jmhluv

    Yay!! I got 68 out of 75 and haven’t done anatomy in 15yrs!! I’m stoked! I still know this stuff!!

  21. Placement RN RN

    RN for over 30 years now; 95%–not too shabby! Thanks for the review, it helps to keep us sharp!

    • Scrubs Editor Scrubs Blogger

      Well done! And thank you for trying out the quiz!

  22. Lynn Student

    Thanks for the quiz! I’m reviewing for my nursing school entrance exam, and this showed me where I need to concentrate. The good news is I got 71 out of 75!

  23. AndiRN12

    Got an 85%, not too bad!!

  24. Makhuber RN

    Graduated from 2year diploma program in 1987. Left nursing for 10 years, only to return in 2006. Still managed to get 95% not too shabby

  25. momicat

    70 out of 75…. not bad after a long day – thanks for the brain cell exercise!

  26. pjdxxxwa

    Have not worked healthcare since 1992 ans scored 86%. Guess I still have a few brain cells left. 😉

  27. rkvidrio

    OH.. MY Good—ness..make sure when you start this test that you know there are 75 questions. The questions just kept coming, and coming. I had just taken it as a quick get away…did not expect it to go on and on..I think if it were shorter it would be a better learning experience..well heck 81% is not to bad but you know what over achievers we are..right?

  28. amberkontvis

    It’s been 2 years since A&P but I got 100%! I am currently waiting for acceptance letters from the nursing schools I applied to (I should know within the next week). I guess I can stop doubting my readiness for nursing school because it seems I am ready.

  29. Arian Cabagay

    Got 94.6% from the quiz..:)

  30. Lilylynn

    75 questions is way too long for a Facebook quiz; and really? May I suggest that you make sure all the words are spelled correctly before you post another Quiz on the internet? Perhaps a proofreader? Outrageously unprofessional.
    “terminlogy” appeared on every page.