And the shoes have it

Hemera | Thinkstock
As fascinating as I find hospital fashion, I find working medical shoes even more intriguing.
There are your standard clogs, of course. There are your tennis shoes. There are those plastic shoes with holes in them (seems totally unsafe to me but…). There are weird shoes that are based off of some tribe in Africa. There are a host of shoes that promise to firm your bum.

It is amazing the foot wear that some people choose to work a twelve hour shift in. One woman I work with wears shoes that have a spring on the heel. She swears that they are comfortable although to me, it looks like an accident waiting to happen.

Then the colors!

There are some crazy colored tennis shoes out there but the clogs take the cake. The patent leather, the floral patterns, the glitter, the gold, the plaid, the you name it! I must admit, I bought a pair of pink clogs once that when you put your feet together it was a hippo. The head was on one foot and the body on the other. They were SO cute but SO uncomfortable. I think I only wore them twice before comfort outweighed the fashion.

I have worn my black clogs to the ground and then I buy a new pair that looks exactly the same. Boring, yes, but I learned my lesson with the hippo shoes. Always go for comfort, no matter what form that comes in. Springs and all.

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