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Appropriate scrubs styles for “a certain age”


There’s a wealth of new scrubs fashion hitting the racks all the time. But some nurses have noticed that today’s styles seem to be geared toward younger tastes. Women in the 45+ age group often have a different set of criteria for their scrubs. Form-fitting athletic styles, chaotic or “cute” prints, and neon colors may not be what nurses of “a certain age” necessarily crave.
We Call It “Classic” for a Reason
Nurse Elaine Golding, age 57, offers her opinion on the best scrubs look for older women: “Simple styles in solid colors look best on older women. The mock wrap tops and sweetheart-neck ones look good on us. NEVER wear them too tight or too short. When the top creeps up your body as you walk, it’s time for a looser, longer top.” LeaAnn Elliot concurs that “solids, a tunic top and a comfortable fit” are all fashion essentials. Fancy Touches from BabyPhat fits the bill for sedate colors and a long tunic cut with subtle lace detailing. It’s available in sizes up to 3X for a looser fit than you see modeled here.

Fancy Touches Top

Stop Gaping (Yes, That Means YOU!)
Wrap and tunic tops are favorites for nurses of all ages, but many longtime nursing pros find that the V neckline gapes away from their chest when they lean over. If you need a less revealing neckline, try a style like this top featuring Cherokee’s new round-neck design in the Workwear collection. It’s got the high neckline that keeps you covered up, but the little cutout at the throat should help keep you from feeling choked.

Round Neck Top


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