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Appropriate scrubs styles for “a certain age”


Get Your Work Pants On
Most nurses in the Baby Boomer generation and older agree that too tight is just plain tacky. They are especially alert for any signs of visible panty line. Finding a scrubs pant with a generous cut can be increasingly difficult as hormonal changes make extra pounds more likely to take up permanent residence on one’s lower half. For a highly professional look that offers more structure than most scrubs bottoms, look for pieces that fit like slacks. Of course, with a really long scrubs top, only the bottom part of the scrubs need to look like trousers if you want a more comfortable waistband. These wide-leg Dickies nursing pants are a good example. They’re made in sizes up to 5X to accommodate a broad range of sizes.

Self Trim Scrub Pants

Don’t Be Afraid of Prints
Nurse Dawn Catalano-Heckman disagrees that brightly patterned scrubs are a nonstarter for older women in the nursing field. Here’s her take: “I love all the colors and patterns that are out now. I think the patients like the colors and patterns. It’s less institutional and threatening in a sometimes scary situation. I work with really sick patients in the CCU and the patients always compliment us when we wear bright, fun scrubs.” Here’s an example of a vintage floral pattern (Zentropa from Skechers) that manages to look dignified while adding a touch of color to cheer patients.

Square Neck Top in Zentropa

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