Apps for nurses: Lexi-Comp’s CLINICAL SUITE


Over on our Facebook page, we’ve got a conversation brewing about the best nursing related phone apps. One of the nominees for best app is Lexi-Comp’s CLINICAL SUITE. The app, according to its website, is “helping healthcare professionals make safer and faster decisions with easy to use clinical information, advanced technology, and superior customer service.”

What nurses love about it:

“The breadth and depth of the available databases is amazing, I would imagine most individual physicians would only need a small portion of the available databases.” – Medical reviewer at

“The quality of work exhibited by the support team is matched by the quality of content I appreciate in Lexi-Comp’s databases, which I use daily as a nursing student. I will continue to recommend Lexi-Comp to my colleagues heartily.” – Patrick Stapleton, Official site

“I am very impressed with the continued follow-up and replies. The customer service in this area is excellent and very much appreciated. It has given me the confidence that if I run into a problem or need some help with some issues that I will receive ample, efficient and speedy service. Anyone I know that is interested in similar products will definitely receive my very positive opinion regarding these product and services. It is also very nice to know that the company realizes the importance of good customer service.” – James Ford, Official site

Watch a video showcasing how it works:


Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE combines five of the company’s most popular clinical databases in one convenient package. This collection provides access to information most frequently requested during patient diagnosis and care. Seamless linking between databases allows you to review drug monograph details, check for possible interactions and recommend diagnostic procedures quickly, saving time and improving efficiency in your busy daily schedule.

Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE includes Lexi-Drugs and Lexi-Interact, their powerful drug interactions database. Note that you can also buy these apps individually!

Also includes:

What do you think? Would you use an app like this? We’d love to hear what applications you’re currently using and loving. Please drop us a line in the comments and let us know a few of your favorites!

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