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Over on our Facebook page, we’ve got a conversation brewing about the best nursing related phone apps. One of the nominees for best app is PEPID, a company with four different apps made specifically for nurses. The company, according to its website, “makes the information healthcare professionals rely on as mobile as they are. Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, PEPID clinical and drug resources allow clinicians to bring the information they need to the bedside to help improve patient care and medication safety.”

What nurses love about it:

“I am quite pleased with PEPID. I use it on a daily basis during rounds and clinic work. I believe I save at least 1/2-1 hour daily using the resource. The best features are the user friendly format and it’s thorough topic information. I was on rounds one morning and we had a patient with pancreatitis. I was able to quickly brief myself before being called upon by the resident. PEPID saved the day! Thank you for your follow-up. Your product is a winner!” – Michelle Wellington,

“I’ll be using it extensively in Pediatrics. I found it most helpful last night during my first clinical work in 18 months. It is definitely a very useful tool, especially with the speed and ease to access information.” – Wilhelmina Engelbrecht,

“What a great program. It saves me from looking up in a text book when the ER is on fire. Great idea to cross-reference information!” – Karrar Ali,

Watch a video showcasing how it works:

Learn more about the app:

There are four important PEPID apps for nurses:

  • Professional Nursing Suite: Offers nurses the information they need to give the best bedside care possible.
  • Critical Care Nursing Suite: Helps when treating critically ill patients with assessments, nursing considerations, and drugs and drips.
  • Oncology Nursing Suite: Equips nurses with knowledge about drugs, the way they interact, PEP cards and more, developed by the Oncology Nursing Society.
  • Gerontological Nursing Suite: Access information about drugs and dosing information as well as profiles of disease and assessments for geriatric patients.

Final notes:

  • Available on any mobile device
  • By integrating links and optimizing information for each device, developers have streamlined the entire app, making it efficient and user-friendly
  • To speed up the process and enable caregivers to give quality care, clinical and drug information is formatted in bullet points

What do you think? Would you use an app like this? We’d love to hear what applications you’re currently using and loving. Please drop us a line in the comments and let us know a few of your favorites!

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