Are Coin Pushers Legal in Australia?


Coin pushers are entertainment games that used to be very popular in casinos but are not so common these days. They’re so-called because they involve coins being pushed down a ledge onto a platform and, from there, into a chute. When you play a coin pusher, you can win coins or even prizes of some kind, though you’ve got to be lucky. This article looks at how these gaming machines work and whether or not they’re currently legal in Australia, so once you’re done reading, you should know them quite well.

How a Coin Pusher Works

The way a coin pusher machine works is straightforward, and this game is so simple that anyone can play it. You drop a coin into a slot at the top of the machine. This coin then drops down and lands on a platform, constantly moving backwards and forwards at a slow speed. Both the venue and the ledge beneath it are filled with coins and possibly prizes.

If there are enough coins on the platform, some of them might fall onto the ledge below, which may cause a chain reaction when the ledge falls too. If they do, they’ll be sent down a chute to a tray where you can collect whatever lands there. Everything that lands in the tray is yours to keep. Playing these games can be just as exciting as playing the best real money pokies app in Australia.

When you play a coin pusher machine, you want a coin to cause others to fall off the moving platform because this needs to happen for you to win. It’s common to approach a coin pusher machine and see many coins dangling over the edge. However, even if it looks like they’re going to fall, it can still take a while for this to happen. This is because the platform is wide, and a coin may not land where you need it. Therefore, it’s best to play coin pushers with lots of coins on the edge of the platform and ledge.

Coin Pushers vs Slot Machines

Coin pushers used to be hugely popular throughout Australia and were found in most casinos. These days, however, it’s slot machines – also known as pokies – that are the number-one casino game, and this is because they have a lot more to them. Compared with coin pushers, the slots you’ll find in casinos are way more advanced since they have video screens that can display pretty much anything, and they give the player all sorts of exciting, fun and entertaining gambling experiences.

The slot games available in casinos have an endless range of themes, along with lots of features like the following ones:

  • Free spins. These spins that you can use these for no cost at all, which you receive by landing enough scatters anywhere on the reels.
  • If you receive respins, one or more reels will respin for free, which gives you another opportunity to form a winning combination and get paid.
  • Progressive jackpots. Quite a few slot games have a progressive jackpot, which is a special cash prize that keeps on growing until someone wins it. The biggest progressive jackpots can turn players into millionaires.

Casino slot machine games are much more varied and diverse than coin pushers. At a typical Australian casino, you’ll find a few hundred slot games; they’re also available to play at other types of venues such as clubs and pubs.

Coin Pushers – Legal in Australia?

Gambling laws in Australia are very relaxed, and because of this, pretty much every casino gambling is legal throughout the country, as are sports betting and lotteries. This includes playing games at casino websites and brick-and-mortar casinos and betting on sports. Coin pusher machines are indeed legal, so those who have the opportunity to play one can do so without breaking any laws.

If you play a coin pusher, you’re technically gambling like you would be if you were playing a casino game, simply because you’re spending money hoping to win a greater amount of it and make a profit. The difference between a coin pusher and a casino game is that the former doesn’t have fixed payouts, whereas the latter does.

When you play casino games, the amount you win depends on your bet size and how you win. But mind studying the rules and the strategies of the game you choose. With most slots, for example, lining up three to five matching symbols on a payline gives you a win. Your bet determines your payout, the number of paylines you’ve won on, the symbols you’ve succeeded with and how many matching symbols you’ve won with.

Should you decide to play a coin pusher machine, there’s no way of telling how much you can win since it depends on how many coins fall.

Coin Pusher Pros and Cons

Like other games in casinos and gaming venues, coin pushers have advantages and disadvantages. It’s worth knowing these before you start playing coin pushers.

Pros Cons
A coin pusher machine is very easy to play because you have to just slot your coin in and hope for the best. Most coin pushers use low-value coin denominations, and wins are tiny because of this.
There’s no skill involved when playing coin pushers and it’s all down to luck whether you win or not. You can put play lots of times and never win.
You can win prizes as well as cash; some coin pushers have valuable prizes that are bundles of notes. Not found in many casinos because other types of games have become more popular.
These games are ideal for a player who doesn’t want to spend too much on games, as well as people who want simple gaming experiences.  

Even though coin pushers have some disadvantages, you should still play them if you come across them since they’re cheap games that can offer a fun, entertaining gaming experience.


Coin pushers are still legal in Australia, but they’re not that common compared with casino games and arcade games, which are way more popular. However, you can still find coin pusher machines in certain places, such as gaming venues and arcades. If you can play a coin pusher machine, make the most of it.


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