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Are You a Hydrated Nurse?


Are You a Hydrated Nurse

Nothing is as important as being well hydrated – and you probably know this better than anyone around. If you have stressed the importance of water in many circumstances, and to many patients, the only question remains: are YOU getting enough water?


Being properly hydrated is crucial. Since our bodies are 70% water, they work better when they are hydrated. It gives you energy, your mental performance and acuity are at peak levels, and you eliminate toxins. Needless to say: water is life. It is what keeps you alive and running well.


Nurses tend to dismiss the importance of hydration when it comes to them because they mistakenly believe it won’t affect them as badly as it affects a sick patient. This assumption couldn’t be any further away from the truth. In fact, since you are working long hours, you more likely than your patients to get dehydrated. And, it’s understandable. With so many things on your mind, you don’t even notice that your body is screaming for water.


With that in mind, here are some tips that will help you stay hydrated during a shift.


See How Hydrated You Really Are


First and foremost, it’s always good to start by seeing where you stand. How hydrated are you this very instant? There is a real quick and easy way to find out, and it’s all about the color of your urine. A well-hydrated body can only produce clear, unconcentrated urine. The darker the urine, the more your body is screaming for water. If we add fatigue, headaches, issues with concentrating and having a weird permanent sense of hunger, then we have, for sure, a serious case of dehydration. However, you need to pay attention to other factors as well. For instance, your urine might look clear, but it can be because you are drinking a lot of coffee or sodas. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are hydrated. You can learn more about this here.

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