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Are You a Hydrated Nurse?



Be Pro-Active into Hydrating Yourself Better


If until now, drinking water has been something to do carelessly and without a clear, conscious intent – which might very easily explain how easily one can fall into dehydration, then you might want to consider switching to a more conscious approach.


That will involve first and foremost doing everything you can to ensure you don’t slip into the habit of forgetting to drink water. Turn it into a fun game. Always have a bottle of water with you and set a timeframe in which you have to drink it. For instance, you must drink 500 milliliters of water in one hour. Reward yourself with a treat ( fruit or a slice of vegetable) every time you reach this goal.


Also, try to keep in mind that the amount of water recommended per day for a normal person is 8 glasses. (Yes, you already know this but are you integrating this into your routine?) The math is pretty simple: one glass of water every hour equals eight glasses of water for an 8-hour shift.



Listen Closely to Your body


We know, you have so much on your plate every day, that you don’t have the time to count every glass of water you drink. So, here’s a simpler way you can stay hydrated. Just listen to your body. Take a break every hour or so and ask yourself how are you feeling right now? Does your body feel balanced or is it something that’s missing? Are you feeling good, focused and centered or a bit irritable and tired? Do not allow yourself to get to the point of being seriously dehydrated. If you want to keep those headaches and all the physical discomfort and pain that dehydration brings, you will have to start paying more attention to your body before it suffers.


With a more pro-active approach to keeping yourself hydrated and a bit more awareness into listening to your body and tending to its needs before they get extreme, you will find yourself all bubbly and clear minded again.



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