Are you a medical marvel?


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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but you probably have to work with them, so can you hold your own with medical info? Appalling handwriting is an optional extra skill.
Which of the following was not included in the original Hippocratic Oath?

What tree does aspirin come from?

What condition was the drug Viagra originally developed to treat?

What is the recommended maximum daily level of salt intake in grams?

Why does the room start to spin when you’ve had too much to drink?

How long does an average, healthy, red blood cell live for?

What is the common name for the vitamin B3?

Where is the patella bone situated?

Which is the least common form of skin cancer?

What part of the body does an otolaryngologist specialise in?

Which dangerous infectious disease has been extinct ‘in the wild’ since the late 1970’s?

Which of the following diseases is not hereditary or genetic?

What is the definition of congestive heart failure?

Which of the following anxiety disorders is a fear of failure?

Which of the following discoveries happened most recently?

What is referred to in the term ‘good’ cholesterol?

Gout is a form of which illness?

How many people have been estimated to have died from AIDS since it was first recognised in 1981 to January 2006?

What effect does the hormone oxytocin have?

Whose was quoted as saying: “Hospitals are only an intermediate stage of civilization”

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