Are you relying on your nurse team too much?

Scenario 4
It’s five minutes before shift change when you notice an order to insert a Foley in your patient. You decide not to sign the order, leaving the task for the next shift to complete.
Your view: You don’t have time to insert the Foley. Reporting off and finishing your charting are more important.
Your team’s view: You are dumping your work on them at the start of their shift.
What you can do: No nurse likes to start off her shift with a mountain of leftover tasks, so make a conscious effort to avoid this common mistake. Get in the habit of reassessing your task list and checking for recent orders at least an hour before shift change. Make it an exception, not a generality, to leave a task, so your co-workers will understand and be willing to help.

Teamwork is important. However, nurses must recognize that over-reliance on a team can contribute to an unhealthy working environment. Respect professional boundaries and perform frequent self-checks to ensure your own proper balance of cooperation and independence as a team member.