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Marijke is a professional writer who began her working career as a registered nurse over 25 years ago. After working in clinical areas ranging from rehab to intensive care, as a floor nurse to a supervisor, she found she could combine her extensive health knowledge with her love of writing. Although she has been published in a wide variety of publications for professionals and the general public, her passion is writing for the every day person to promote health literacy.

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10 nursing rules you’ve never heard of

Exotic rules at home and abroad – including the hospital that requires doctors to say “please.”

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4 fun facts about nursing a century ago

Remember that old cigarette slogan “You’ve come a long way, baby”? Not only have women come a long way, but so have nurses. Imagine how lost Florence Nightingale would feel if she were time-warped into today’s hospitals!

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5 fun facts about male nurses

The first male nurses were third-century Italians! How much do you know about the history of male nurses? Test your knowledge with more interesting facts.

The irritating work habits you must nix (or you may lose your job!)

The irritating work habits you must nix (or you may lose your job!)

Many of us have worked with one—a nurse who we feel shouldn’t be kept on staff. She’s the one causing problems on the unit. But what if that nurse (say, the one who is always running late) is…me?

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Do male nurses get paid more than female nurses?

Employment statistics show there’s still a discrepancy between male and female salaries, particularly in the upper echelons of the business world. But is it true for nursing?

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NCLEX quiz: infections

Thanks to antibiotics and antifungals, infectious diseases are no longer the scourge they once were. But are you up on the latest treatments?

Never be late for your shift again: 5 time management tricks that work

Never be late for your shift again: 5 time management tricks that work

Giving yourself the gift of time may be as simple as buying the right appliances and getting the right haircut…

Our favorite tributes to nurses

Our favorite tributes to nurses

There are few things nurses would love to have more than better salaries, good working conditions and genuine appreciation. We’ll continue to advocate for better pay and working conditions, but right now we can do something about the “appreciation” part of the equation…

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10 tips to fill your tummy, not your scrubs!

Working shifts, particularly evenings and nights, can be tough, and eating a healthy, regular diet can be tougher when your schedule is so out of whack. So what can you do about these hunger pangs without adding a pile of calories to your daily allotment?

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Top 10 at-work stress relief exercises for nurses

We give exercise and stress relief advice to high-stress, hypertensive patients all the time. But what about nurses? Set aside 10 minutes each day for these simple power moves…

Should nurses believe in ghosts?

Should nurses believe in ghosts?

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, you’ll probably hear many spooky stories during your years of practice. Here’s one of them—my own.

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Are you a superstitious nurse?

Every good nurse knows not to say, “It’s a quiet day today!” See 9 more nurse superstitions and share your own!

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NCLEX quiz: lab values

Quick: What’s a normal BUN? Potassium? Review basic — and essential labs — with our quiz.

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NCLEX: Lab and test results pop quiz!

Student nurses, test your smarts. RNs, you passed the NCLEX once. Could you do it again?

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Our favorite “Top Ten” nurse mugs

Whether you’re browsing for the perfect cup for your coffee or looking for a gift for a nurse or a nursing student, here are 10 mugs that look great and will give you a chuckle while taking a sip of your drink.